Monday, September 20, 2010

Tips for Travel

This may be a no-brainer but be sure to carry all of your running gear in a carry on. Also, be sure to bring multiple weather items -- for very cold to warm; some type of cover; whether it be a baseball cap or coolmax rain jacket for rain, etc. Also, if you are on the fence for new shoes -- now is the week to buy them and do your taper runs in them to be sure no rubbing and to break them in. You can use your old one's as back ups to give to our sherpas -- in the event of rain [nothing worse than running 26.2 in soaking shoes the entire way] or otherwise. Be sure to pack flip flops or tevas for after the race and dinner that night. Your feet will thank you for it! Go to goodwill and get your throw away jackets. Be sure to pack running gloves -- if it is cold, your hands will thank you for it. Love each of you! We are going to do this! What keeps me going is that picture at the end with all of us holding our finish medals, wearing our mylar blankets, and someone posting to facebook that we rocked it! love you. jpj

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  1. I think of that too Jennifer! The never ending smile of finishing with you all... brings a tear to my eye now.

    AHHHH! It's coming so fast!!!