Saturday, August 14, 2010


I ran just over 10 miles this morning. I started the morning run with a bad attitude -- woke up late, 80 degrees outside, Nike band not charged, Ipod Shuffle on the wrong setting.....etc. - but ended the run on a high note.....thankfully! From the start -- I was trying to talk myself out of every reason to run, to walk, to turn around. Yet, I continued and, as I ran, I slowly started to gain inspiration, oddly enough, just when I needed it. Here's my tale:

1. Mile 1 -- grumbling about the run; an 80+ year old man runs past me. And, he is booking it considering his age. Now, if he can do it. I can do it. Get cracking. So I do. This gets me looking at all of the people on the hike and bike -- all shapes and sizes. From the most fit -- which is proof positive of what the human body is capable of becoming -- to the least fit looking -- proof positive that where there is a will, there is a way. From folks who were pushing baby joggers, to pulling dogs [and yes, people really do look like their dogs when it comes right down to it!], to downing GU, to lolly gagging and giggling. Made the next 4 go by easier.

2. Mile 5 -- started grumbling again. The t-shirt on the guy running in front of me -- "The task at hand is never as great is the strength within. AustinFit." I took it as a sign and the needed inspiration to keep on truckin'. And, I did.

3. Mile 8 -- Damn it's hot! I'm an idiot for running without water/gatorade. What in the hell am I thinking. Where is that f-ing foot bridge that tells me I'm on the back side, on the way home......About this time -- my ipod shuffle decides to kick in and up pops one of the songs from dad's funeral. Well, I took it as a sign to "Suck it up" and keep on going. I'm not dead, yet! So, I did.

4. Mile 10 -- rounding the bend to the finish - Born to Run comes on by Bruce Springsteen. Another sign - kick it and finish this sucker.

And I did!

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