Sunday, August 15, 2010

Marathon T-shirts

I love all of the sayings posted below in 4 for Wally. I am going to get the t-shirt made this week. That way, we can do a few runs to make sure they don't rub before race day. Please let me know who wants which saying.....betsy -- we're making one for you. Mary -- let me know if you want one. What should we put on MA's shirt? fun, fun, fun!!


  1. Heck yes I want one!! Just tell me how much and I'll be glad to contribute. I'm making a shirt in rememberance of my mom to run the 3M half in, but I'll represent Wally in my next one after that. He'd be so proud if I told him I was running a marathon for him.

    Then he'd turn to you guys and say, "Who was that?!"

  2. YOU ARE SO RIGHT MARY!!!!!!!!!! hilarious! I spit out my coffee.