Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Training Begins....again.....

Okay -- Training begins again for me on Monday. Been sidelined with sick children. But, Chris' times are starting to piss me off. But, I'm not competitive or anything......As far as being the sandbagger -- not! Mean words, little brother! I wanted to do a 4:20 AND fell massively short. But, LA -- here I come. New Orleans is a mere stepping stone in my journey to beat 4:30. And, I KNOW, I can do it -- my running partner just finished NYC in 4:05. So, I'll be damned -- I can do it!! And, as proof -- Zac Brown just won a CMA for Free -- my Chicago Song. Just bought my new ipod since the nano completely sucked wind and failed me at my time of need. Nothing beats the simplicity of forward, reverse. Who the hell needs touch technology while attempting to run 26.2. Now -- the real question -- are we maintaining this blog or starting one for NOLA and LA??? Let's do it!

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