Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's Next...

Well... here we go again folks... We're off again!

2/13/11 - New Orleans Half Marathon - Betsy hits the pavement and I just may join her.. What a better way to turn 40! Running with my lil sis in "N'awlins".. It's a rock 'n roll half and you know they serve up some great cerveza after this puppy.

3/20/11 - LA Marathon. Molly, Jennifer and myself are registered. WTF? Yup, we're knocking them off left and right. Now starts the arm twisting.. who else is going to join us? If you're reading this.. you're invited

10/2/11 - Poconos 70.3 IronMan... Known as a "Tin-Man" 1/2 of an full Iron Man: 1.2 Mile swim (I do this before breakfast...really), 56 Mile Bike (I need a good bike) and 13.1 Mile run (that's it?). I'm doing this one for me, but would love company...

- Christopher


  1. If someone signs me up for LA full I might have to do it. Don't ask me how.

  2. Is anyone doing Chicago again??