Monday, October 18, 2010

Chicago Marathon - Results and Pictures !

Our results!

Sally = 4:57:31 (awesome first marathon: must be the mile high air she trained in!)

Jennifer = 5:03:46 (if you read all the posts from Jennifer about how she's suffering and isn't going to make it... pffst... As our father would have said ..."sand bagger")

Molly = 5:23:25 (Nice time, also first marathon)

Christopher = 5:45:20 (Dead last, finished with a smile on my face and headed straight for the beer tent)

Pics! (Click for full view)


  1. You guys are so amazing. Not sure if I can ever get up the gumption to do a marathon one day. We shall see! In the mean time I stand in awe of you four. :)

  2. This is so awesome Christopher!!!!!!!