Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's official -- I'm freaking out....can I really do this?

Okay -- I am a bit freaked. And, I should not be - this is my third marathon. But, I am WOEFULLY underprepared for this event and pretty down in terms of motivation. I was so pumped -- as you will see from my posts below -- prior to this week. I knew I had my long run in the bag -- yet, I am finding it hard to get pumped for this run. I have done next to nothing in terms of excercise for nearly 2 weeks. My left knee is killing me -- giving out on me when I walk stairs or carry my children. I am going to so slow that I am seriously contemplating not wearing my chip. Please -- help, send the alarm, help me get pumped. Help me get in the mind-set that I can rock this marathon. That I can take on Boston. That I can finish and finish with pride. I am counting on you followers -- help me rock it!!

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