Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The lull

Normally my week consists of:

monday: dodgeball (40 minutes)
tuesday: running (6 miles)
wednesday: dodgeball (40 minutes)
thursday: running (5-6 miles)
friday: speed run (2 miles)
saturday: easy run (4 miles)
sunday: long run (8-10 miles)

Last Monday I played dodgeball for 80 minutes, ran 6 miles on Tuesday, ran 5.5 miles to the gym Wednesday BEFORE db, Thursday only went 2 & Friday ran 4. There was a fundraiser that I was helping out with on Saturday where I ended up playing 4 hours of dodgeball and an hour of tennis so I elected, wisely, to skip the day's run. By Sunday, my body was VERY unhappy with me.

I woke up Sunday at 10am with the usual, "Oh, joy, it's Sunday. Time to run now." If I do not get from toothbrush to running shoes within 10 minutes of rolling out of bed, I know I've never knock out the run on a weekend. I can't afford to even have a moment to harp on the plethora of reasons my brain will come up with to rationalize skipping the long runs. But this Sunday was different. I could hardly move out of bed. My body felt terrible from all the exercise the day before...the whole week before!

I headed down stairs after brushing my teeth to grab my usual pre-run Slim Fast shake (yes, Slim Fast...they are a great sources of quick calories and frickin delicious, ok?). The trip down the stairs proved to me the day would be very difficult for me...the trip back upstairs garnered tears.

Slim Fast in hand I sat down at my computer and looked for a new post on this blog - an omen from God – willing me to get my ass out the door. That’s the hardest part; walking out the door. Never have I ever turned back once outside.

Nothing. No new posts. Great. Now what? I thought to myself. I wrote out a short post, hoping putting that down on paper for all to see (all 3 of us), would force me to complete the looming task. I finished the Slim Fast, finished the post and looked at the clock. 10:10 am. UGH! I refreshed the page. Still. Nothing. FINE!

I got up and put on my running shorts and shoes, then grabbed my iPhone. Dead.

Out loud I said "Alrighty. There you go. That's it." And I laid back down, shoes on, and fell back asleep for 2 hours.

Needless to say, no long run on Sunday. And I blame Jennifer and Sally and my all too comfortable bed. Who am I kidding, I blame me...and I definitely let myself have it during yesterday's run. Running a 6-mile @ 7'20 pace... I almost passed out the last 100 yards.

MOTIVATION my sibs, I need it...especially realizing I haven’t even begun the hard part yet. I want to hear you so get on the posts, people.

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