Thursday, May 20, 2010

Third time's a charm?

(For the record gang:  I love that we are doing this.)

My two older sisters and older brother and myself have done the impossible.  We agreed on something.  Jennifer, Christopher, Sally and myself are doing it!  Chicago Marathon, here we come.

On October 10, 2010 four Piskuns set out to conquer Chicago's 26.2 miles of mapped out misery.  This is my first full marathon  ...pfft... I say that like there will be a second (um, doubtful)...and I have to say I'm scared shitless.

Ever since I agreed to join my siblings in tackling the Windy City's streets, I can't help but imagine myself leisurely jogging across the finish line with a shit-eating, I'm amazing smirk on my face.  Until I look down at the date.  May.  Five months away.  Hundreds of miles to run before I even get a shot at my fantasy.  What the hell am I thinking!?!

Medal.  That's what.  I want.

My first attempt at long distance running was the Austin Half Marathon in February of 2007 with Sally who had talked me into a half by asking at the perfect moment.  While visiting her I went out for a run on a beautiful September afternoon in Colorado.  Running was new to me at this point.  (I'm inherently cheap and wanted to workout WITHOUT paying for it, so I started jogging after work.)  That afternoon in Boulder, I managed to complete three consecutive miles - something I never thought I would ever, EVER been able to do.  She was looking to lose baby weight from her first child, then 3 week old baby Gus, when she jumped on my euphoria and laid the question on me, "Wanna do a half marathon in February, Molly?"  I'd have agreed to just about anything in that moment, and apparently did so.

What a joke I was participating in the Austin Half.  I puked at mile 6, 7, 8 and 10 feet before AND after the finish line, cursed and disowned my sister two or three times throughout, and managed to crawl across the finish line after 3+ hours of pure torture.  I hated it.  Every second of that race was difficult for me.  I desperately wanted to be as good as Sally, to be running along side her the whole time with my head held high....I think I may have fantasized about us holding hands across the finish line.  That bitch named Reality was much more vindictive than I thought she could be...I trained, I did some running, I Reality?  I mean, come on, being able to run 4 miles, 2 weeks before the race seemed enough, right?  Who knew I wouldn't be prepared?  Pffft, only everyone Molly.

I thought to myself, 'Never....again... will I subject myself to that torture!'  Assuming I meant running in general by saying never again - any distance - but apparently the thought meant 'never-ever will you be that unprepared.'  Because a year later I was signed up for another one.

Plus that Austin medal was pretty freakin sweet!  And looked so lonesome hanging on my wall.

The City of Angels half in December of 2008- my second half and here in LA - was an improvement for me in training and showing but I still didn't take my training seriously enough and pooped out at mile 11.  A personal accomplishment and failure all at the same time.  11 miles was the furthest I had EVER run without stopping!!  But I stopped running 2 miles from the finish line which pissed me off.  What?  You couldn't push yourself harder, Molly?  No, thank you very much.   I could not.

This time is different.  I can feel it.

Why you ask?
1) Nike +
 - this, like seriously, is the greatest thing to happen to mankind since Jesus showed upon a T-shirt
2) Nike + Facebook
- tracking the progress of my siblings from ACROSS THE COUNTRY...are you serious?  Amazing!
- sibling rivalry kicks into gear, and no offense, after an 11 mile post by Chris or a 7'00" 5-mile run by Sally, and my competitive juices start to flow and I want to kick your posts' ass ...with my own!

3)  No Smoking
 - It'll be 6 months May 24th. YAYs

4) At some point I became a runner.
- between starting my training with a piddly 2 mile run & my faster-than-I-thought-possible first 6 mile run ...I got hooked on accomplishment.  It's a great drug.
 - Now, I look forward to my runs rather than dread them & I feel terrible and sad when I skip one

I'm going to make Chicago my bitch.  And then eat all their pizza.

I'm really excited to hear your thoughts on how you all started running.  Jennifer especially as you are the pro amongst us us all; having completed so many full marathons already.  Chris too because you are starting from the beginning.  And Sally - you are a freak of nature, I look up to you so much and at 29 I still try and emulate what you do, so thank you for pushing me!

But really, I must thank all of you for encouraging me to do this.  I know dad is just rooting us on and is so proud of all of us for banding together and knocking out something so personally and physically a family!

I love you guys.

And let get these posts started!!


  1. Way to go Molly! In the spirit of Nike -- Let's Do It! Now, if I can just get my knees to cooperate!