Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nike+ Profiles

Let's all share our Nike+ profiles. Jennifer, make Sam get one and sign up. I agree with Molly... I love posting my times on Nike+ and on Facebook. Had a few friend even comment that they get sick of my posts and that just encourages me even more. They can de-friend me before I give it up.

So post your Nike+ profile userid (username). Mine is cpiskun and already buddies with Sally and Molly.

I got my half behind me and my confidence is through the roof. I was able to stay goal oriented (10" pace) even while half the field was passing my ass the first 2 miles... I had the last laugh. Now onto the Full and looks like Sally (maybe even Molly) are on the EXACT same running schedule. I'll be joining my Nike+ schedule May 30th for a mild 10.2 tempo effort run, but in the mean time, having a few ritas and some weight training.

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