Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I'm on an additional week break. Last week ran a very short 2 miler for a work run event (charity) and took that opportunity to run as fast as I could. Only hitch was, I did "something" to my left shin... At first thought maybe a stress-fracture.. but no pain stomping on my foot or twisting. I think I may have stressed some muscle/tendon.. feels like a very deep bruise about mid way on my shin, just on the inside. Ran a little over 5 miles this past Monday and it just seemed to aggravate it.. so, I'm taking another week of rest and will re-join my program next Tuesday.


  1. that makes me feel better, Chris. (not that you are injured - that a week break isn't sending you to the nearest cliff)

  2. How fast was "fast as you could"?