Monday, July 12, 2010

Can I really do this?

Hmmm -- seriously thinking! I know that I can but lordy, lordy I am out of shape! I am up here at nearly 10,000 feet. Ran 3 miles today and about lost a lung. One hill was an 8% grade and I could barely breath at the crest. I kept going but holy cow! Before I leave here in mid-august -- my happy butt is going to jog up this damn mountain -- Mt. Crested Butte, that is. I may have to be buried at the top. Ha! I am keeping my training pace but damn!

Second issue -- frequency of training. Without day care and an extra set of hands -- it's hard as heck to get some mileage in with the twins in tow. I didn't bring the jogger with me and, based on the first paragraph above, I probably couldn't handle it anyway. At 40 pounds each -- pushing an extra 80 pounds -- two-thirds of my body weight -- not ideal!!

I am seriously hoping that hiking and biking with twins in tow will make up for my poor work out regime. But, I am really freaking out. I"ll do this marathon, even if I have to walk the darn thing -- but I may take off my chip before we start!! Yikes!

Can I really do this???????

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