Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hot Spot

Well the hell is a "hot spot"???

After over a month of rest, Ibuprofen, ice and who can forget an appendectomy.. turns out this SOB pain in my left ankle actually IS a bone injury. Oh joy....

No fracture, but I have stressed it. AKA the "Hot Spot" Tibia.

Today, I finally saw an orthopedic Surgeon. Dr Kupcha of DE Orthopedic Center (Go Army! ...Check him out here: Couldn't have picked a better DR as he completely understood that running Chicago isn't an option.

What really rubs me is that my 1 month of rest accompanied with a consistent dosage of Ibuprofen actually retarded my bone repair... Great, just freak'n awesome news.

So what's next? 2 weeks of no running, but cross-training to simulate cardio work. Swimming, Biking, etc. Hell, just might be in Triathlon shape when this is over.

Bought 2 new pair of shoes (Saucony Guide 3) to alternate every day/ every workout. Find myself a high school track to re-start running here in 2 weeks.

Pop... I know that you're up there master-minding all of this, having a chuckle, a Manhattan with olives and tossing all this BS if front of us seeing if we can suck it up. I'm going to enjoy the finish line.

Oh yea... cannot forget. Molly.. kick ass this weekend! (SF Half)

- Christopher

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  1. Dad thought it was just a wee bit TOO easy for you Chris. He's throwing a wrench in your style, the bastard.

    Thanks for the well wishes! I'm curious as to what my finish time will be.