Thursday, July 29, 2010

Four 4 Wally!

Okay -- it's time to get serious about our race attire. We need a group t-shirt. My Idea -- we put Four 4 Wally on the front and favorite sayings of his on our back. Like "gimme a break" or "suck it up" or "just spectacular". What's your idea?


  1. Oh gosh - Betsy said this gem to me the other day "Don't piss on my head and tell me it's raining." But perhaps that's too much for a t-shirt? I'd have to go with "just spectacular."

  2. i LOVE Mary's idea!!! bahahahaha.

    "Go play in traffic"

    ill post more ideas as i think of them

  3. I like it Mary. I want a T-shirt!

  4. Oh my God. "Go play in traffic" is a life-changer!! Thank you Wally for your words of're clearly going to play a large part in my parenting style.

  5. Guys -- let's get serious. I plan to make the shirt this week. Who wants what on the back? On the front: Four 4 Wally or 4 for Wally or Four Wally? I plan to get short sleeve -- that way, you can wear long under or it over a jacket. Place orders please!