Thursday, July 29, 2010

JPJ v The Mountain. The Saga Continues!

Today, my own mini, self-imposed time trial. Can I sprint? Will I faint? Can I push myself? Am I just fooling myself?????? Well....... I ran a little over 2 miles booking it as much as my lungs would allow. I ran it in 17 minutes, 35 seconds. Essentially an 8.30 minute mile. Of course, most of it was downhill -- but I'll take it!! I realize to some of you following this blog that 8.25 is slow as syrup -- but to this nearly 43 year old body; it was heaven! And, at nearly 10,000 feet! Yahoo!! Then, I turned around and ran a mile completely up hill, blind turns, and nothing but concrete -- ouch!! But, I did it. Steep, steep, steep. At one point during this pithy "cool down"
distance an ambulance blew past me and for a split second, I thought it was coming for me! As I did my cool down -- I stopped to watch a chipmunk doing Lord knows what in the pine tree. Thinking to myself -- how blessed I am to be in this wonderful place and how neat that I am one with nature. Well, turns out, the damn thing was laughing at me. And I'm serious!! Just like Alvin. He must have been watching me attempt to run straight uphill. Time for a massage to heal my ego. I told the massage therapist that I was training for a marathon -- how far is that, she asked? I said 26.2 and the .2 is very important. So, are your muscles going to hurt? was her response. Hmmm -- maybe a massage was not the right solution to the chipmunk spank-down. For the next 80 minutes I learned about some basketball player who lost his limbs to some weird virus from sweating too much; how some kid from her college got meningitus [sp] from sharing a bong, how she hit a deer with her car and nearly lost her eye.....did I seriously pay for this relaxation? Saving grace -- she cranked on my IT band and almost sent me to the ceiling but it feels great now!! I digressed -- back to the purpose of this blog: Saturday, I'll take on the 8.5 that I keep saying I am going to do and keep talking myself out of doing. The first 3 miles is uphill --on one of those slow, nasty, and deceptive type of grades. Looks like it's flat until your legs are burning like the dickens and you realize that indeed, you are running up hill!! JPJ v. The Mountain will continue and I will conquer it!!

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  1. "some kid from her college got meningitus [sp] from sharing a bong" - bahahahahahaha!

    And 8:25 is AWESOME where you are, lady! keep it up, momma.