Friday, July 9, 2010

Face wind....

Learn to embrace it--it's not called the windy city for nothing!!!


  1. but wont we be running b/t buildings? Tell me that helps.

  2. It's 26.2 miles throughout Chicago. All of the historic areas, downtown, lake, sport fields, etc. It's incredible. Look at the route! We will likely have wind of some sort -- we won't know what the day holds until we get up and get after it! With the crowd support -- which is insane -- you probably won't notice it!

    They don't call it a marathon for nothing: Think about it -- it's like running to downtown LA and back and then some. Chris would run across two states -- Home in Delaware to Office in Philly. No way we can be contained in downtown alone. Now, if it is snowing, lightening, or below 20 degrees -- my happy ass will be in the bar drinking! Otherwise, we'll be all over the city!!