Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm Back... I Hope

Well... not what I planned since my half in mid-May. Took a 2 week break that turned into a 5 week break cause of some freak soreness that is either my soleous or flexor digitorum longus on my left ankle. I actually listen to my Physician and give it a rest, ice and Ibuprofen like it's my new religion...

So ready to join the running world once again only to have an appendicitis... Yes, no shit... an appendicitis pays me a visit on Monday 6/28... in the hospital 6/29, FU appendix and bye bye...discharged 6/30... just in time for the weekend Holiday. Come Monday, July 5th, feeling back to normal and hit Margate, NJ for some surfing... I'm back baby.

July 7th: 5:30am... 3 Mile run, no sweat. I haven't ran in more than a month but so what, been cross-training like crazy... Heat wave in the Northeast. Already 85 degrees at 5am. I'm sucking wind major and guess who comes back to visit.. GD left ankle soreness... I'm pissed. Really pissed.

So, what do I do?... I run again on July8th: 5:30am... hurt like a SOB but I'm running through this f'n thing. Surprisingly, working the area with my Trigger Point ball seems to actually relieve the pain... so I have a glimmer of hope here. We'll see come Sat for my 6-8 miler. Traveling to Madison, CT this weekend, therefore running in a new area always produces a really great run or a suck ass one... stay tuned

- Christopher


  1. Wait. What's wrong with your ankle? Or are you just THAT old?

    Way to get back on that horse, old man. I'm rooting for ya